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All gorgeous and so versatile. Carol sent me a Giclee notecard of Rall color, cuesta annex. Stunning. So good to "meet" her sister. So sorry for your recent loss. I admired your mother.
-- Ellyn Satter, 4/18/20

Love the "Paint the Parks" landscapes, Cyndy. I hope this means your wrist is back in action, cheers, Lydia
-- Lydia Dehn, 5/28/18

Very nice work. I guess I should try oils in the future - my mother painted in oils, I never have. Very nice work. Love the coastal scenes.
-- Russell Frank, 5/8/17

I love your portrait drawings!
-- Lydia Dehn, 11/28/16

Hi Cyn, Your work looks great! Marlene
-- Marlene Maier, 8/26/16

Love your web site and art, Cyndy!
-- Cynthia Debenedetti, 9/14/15

I love your work Cindy! Exquisite!
-- Katrina Danilenko, 4/27/15

Fantastic work Cynthia! I enjoyed seeing your work. You are very talented. Haleh
-- Haleh Mahbod, 1/9/15

Cyndy You are so talented. I love your paintings- they evoke emotion. The colors and lighting are amazing. And your website is easy to navigate and full of wonderful surprises! Cheers, Michele
-- Michele Culberson, 10/7/14

All your hard work has surely paid off. Your paintings are beautiful to look at and yet emit such emotion. Success!
-- Linda F. Harris, 5/10/14

Cynthia, I feel so honored to have such a beautiful representation of my husband, something my children and I will cherish forever. You truly captured him with your art work. I think my favorite part is his eyes. It is almost as if he will just come to life off the canvas. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and talents you contributed in making the portrait of our hero a forever treasure.
-- Cristina Norton, 3/7/14

Beautiful paintings, Cyndy! Your website is a joy to behold. Keep up all the good work. Jo Ariko, 2/3/14
-- Jo Ariko, 2/3/14

Your colors and the atmosphere you create are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
-- Diane Merion, 1/30/14

How can colors be so vibrant and emit such serenity! Lovely, Cyndy. Great website.
-- Robin Beresford, 1/16/14

So beautiful Cyndy! You are so talented!
-- Shelby Berry, 1/16/14

I love your paintings, Cyndy! Great to see, cheers, Lydia
-- Lydia Dehn, 1/13/14

Great website and colors! Every category is so easy to read, the paintings are wonderful to look at. Cynthia DeBenedetti, 1/3/14
-- Cynthia Debenedetti, 1/3/14

Hi Cyndy!
-- Cassius Smith, 12/3/13

This is a beautiful website! The serene landscapes induce contemplation. And I yearn to meet the folks in the portraits. I look forward to seeing more and more of your paintings.
-- Carle Hylkema, 12/3/13