This is one of your best paintings! Wonderful to see!
-- Cynthia Debenedetti, 5/19/17

Beautiful paintings!
-- Katrina Danilenko, 5/29/15

Thanks for sharing your art. I would love to see what you do in Point Lobos.
-- Susan Goodmundson, 3/25/15

Cyndy, Your paintings are absolutely wonderful! I can smell the trees, grasses and bubbling creeks. Your compositions are very strong. Your colors...calming and serene. You go girl!
-- Nancie Crowley, 3/31/14

Magnificent! The landscapes are so captivating! Thank you for sharing.
-- Millie Kellogg, 1/13/14

Cindy - your paintings are wonderful! Hope to see many more. I'm also moved by your comments. Many thanks for sharing your work with us.
-- Judi Haller, 12/15/13

Beautiful paintings, Cindy. I'd love to see your portraits, too. I like what you wrote. Great beginning!
-- Betsy Engelman, 11/23/13